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Like The Wind

Music by

Elspeth Collard

Book and Lyrics by

Sam Rosenblatt

Like the Wind is a new electronica-pop musical that explores the lives of Bennie and Cai, two queer teenagers running away from a conversion therapy facility in the summer of 2018. Loosely inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, Bennie and Cai choose to change the fate that society has set for them and break through the constraints of expectations and rules. With a queer, female writing team at the helm, Like the Wind explores themes of identity, forgiveness, and queerness in young people.

Highlights from Like The Wind at The Brick Theatre, Brooklyn

"Like The Wind"

Performed by Alia Cuadros-Contreras and Mark Aguirre with Kalonjee Gallimore, Elena Ramos Pascullo, Bern Tan, and Sophie Tyler

"The Feelings in Me"

Performed by Alia Cuadros-Contreras with Lauryn Ciardullo and Mads Witmer

"Bennie and the Attendant"

Performed by John Byrd and Matthew Harper Stevenson

"With God As My Witness"

Performed by John Byrd and Remy Thompson

"Garden in the Sky"

Performed by Renee Kauffman


Music by

Elspeth Collard

Lyrics by

Sam Rosenblatt


Set in 1960s San Francisco at the height of the Second Wave Feminist protests, ROSE offers a look into the fractured relationship of two doll-makers, Ellie and Jo. With story-telling by three magical dolls, ROSE tells a queer, feminist story about sisterly tension, love, and change.

"Dangerous World"

Performed by Melaina Furgeson, Kimberlie Pagan, and Colleen Pechin

"Blur The Line"

Performed by Kris Bramson

"In My Stories"

Performed by Kris Bramson and Sam Rosenblatt

"More Than Cute"

Performed by Jenna Beressi, Amanda Briskin-Wallace, Milena Makse, and Sophie Tyler

Concept by Amber Soik, Elspeth Collard, and Sam Rosenblatt

A Princess Story

Music by

Elspeth Collard

Book and Lyrics by

Sam Rosenblatt

A Princess Story defies and denies the “damsel in distress” trope, choosing instead to put the princess front and center as the main heroine of the tale. Following Princess Annalise in a quest to slay a dragon, our story features an LGBTQ+ love story, a dynamic pair of strong leading female characters, and a boy band of knights.


Performed by Kris Bramson and Kaila Wooten

"Part of Our Chord"

Performed by Kalonjee Gallimore, Milena Makse, Nicky Redd, and Andres Reyes

"Ben and Me"

Performed by Alondra Belen

"Never Trade Anything"

Performed by Sophie Tyler + Company


Music by

Elspeth Collard

Book and Lyrics by

Deniz Demirkurt

MIROIR artwork.jpg

Miroir is a musical adaptation of the Colette novel “The Vagabond”, and takes place in 1911, Paris. Renee, a 33-year-old woman, works as a music hall dancer to make ends meet after having escaped from an abusive marriage, trying to rediscover who she is through love and dance.

"The Woman I Loved"

Performed by Milena Makse and Brooke Wexler

Click here for more songs from the show:

Twenty-Six Percent

Music by

Elspeth Collard

Book and Lyrics by

Sam Rosenblatt

After a long night of partying (that he doesn’t remember any of), Average Joe embarks on a long subway ride with only twenty-six percent battery left on his phone. Will he make it home in time or will his phone (and all of the voices in his phone) abandon him? Featuring many virtual helpers, a dying phone battery, and the plight of one Average Joe, Twenty-Six Percent documents a subway ride home in real time.

Listen to the whole show on SoundCloud!

And check out our episode of The Latest Draft for a full-length interview with us!

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